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5 Useful Tips To Prevent Milk From Turning Sour In Summer

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Summer is the time to enjoy chilled beverages like mango shakes and cold coffees, which also increase your milk intake. You can also add chilled milk to a bowl of sugar-free cereal for a wholesome snack. However, with the rising temperature, you may have noticed that the milk in your house is turning sour every other day. This can also happen even when the milk is stored in the fridge. To avoid such wastage of milk as well as of your money, we have shared some effective hacks to prevent your milk from spoilage.

5 Easy Tips To Prevent Milk From Getting Spoiled In Summer:

1. Pick Milk At The End Of Your Shopping

Whether you are at a grocery store or are running errands around your home, make sure that when you buy the milk, it is the last thing on your to-do list. Why? This would limit the time the milk is outside refrigeration so that the risk of spoilage is reduced. Remember that exposure to warmer air can promote the growth of harmful bacteria. Once the milk is purchased, head home and quickly place it in the refrigerator. The same applies to those who get milk delivered to their home.
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2. Boil The Milk

While the chances of spoilage are unlikely if the packaged milk is stored properly in the fridge, if the temperature outside is too high and your milk is still spoiling, it is best to boil the milk once you get home. Boiling milk will help kill most of the bacteria present in it, which are primarily responsible for its souring. Once the milk cools down after boiling, you can store it in the fridge.

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3. Storing Instructions In The Fridge

Just putting the milk in the fridge is not enough. You also need to store it properly. Do not put the milk packets, cartons or bottles in the refrigerator door as they will be exposed more to the warmer temperature outside every time the door opens. Instead, place it in the chiller tray section of your fridge. This compartment remains closed even when the fridge door is open. Also, avoid storing other food items in that compartment, especially for which you might need to open the fridge repeatedly. If you have transferred the milk into a container, store it at the back of the fridge on a middle or bottom shelf.

4. Do Not Leave The Milk Sitting Out After Use

Take the milk out of the fridge right before use. Once used, put the rest of the milk immediately back into the refrigerator. Do not leave the milk sitting out for long as the warmer temperature can increase the risk of spoilage.
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5. Put The Extra Milk In The Freezer

According to the Dairy Farmers of Canada website, "milk can last for up to 6 weeks in the freezer, without any impact on its flavour and nutritional value." If you have purchased extra milk that is not likely to be consumed anytime soon, pop it in the freezer. "Freeze unopened milk containers in their original packaging before the 'best-before' date." For thawing, it is best to put the milk back in the fridge so that while it thaws, it is at or below the required storage temperature.

Follow these tips and you may no longer struggle with milk spoilage in the summer heat.

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