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6-Month-Old US Boy Dies After Pet Husky Attacks Him In Crib

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A 6-week-old baby was mauled to death by the family's dog while sleeping in his crib in US' Tennessee. Ezra Mansoor was attacked by a seemingly tame husky that has been living with the family for eight years.

Little Ezra succumbed to his injuries on Thursday, six days after the unexpected attack. He had been in critical condition in the hospital, suffering from a brain bleed and brain swelling, reported ABC 7.

Chloe and Mark Mansoor, first-time parents, are devastated by the loss of their son. "Being his mom was the biggest honour and the best thing I've ever done," Chloe shared with WVLT.

The attack took the family by surprise as the dog had no history of aggression. The family had two dogs, but this incident was entirely “completely unprovoked,” Chloe revealed to the outlet.

The couple said that they never imagined their child's safety would be at risk. Chloe said that it could have been “any dog at any time, completely unprovoked, no matter what the history is.”

In the midst of tragedy, they hope others can better protect their kids. “Don't take anything for granted, even frustrating moments are amazing.Pray for all the family. Everyone loved him so much. We're all grieving, and it's a lifelong process,” she said.

The Mansoor family has chosen to honour baby Ezra's memory by donating his organs to help other babies in need. Chloe revealed that working to save the lives of others has given them peace during the “gut-wrenching grieving process.”

The family dog involved in the attack was brought to a local animal centre. The Knox County Sheriff's Office is currently investigating the incident.

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