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Ali Buhandi and Fouad Al-Balushi vie for the Kuwait Handball Association presidency

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Fouad Al-Balushi
Ali Buhindi

KUWAIT CITY, June 2: Nominations closed for the by-election for the position of President of the Handball Association for the 2023-2027 terms. Ali Buhandi from Al-Qadisiya Club, a former handball player, previous game director, and former secretary of the Handball Association, submitted his candidacy. Fouad Al-Balushi from Al-Arabi Club, who served as a member of the Association for four years, also applied.
The General Assembly meeting is scheduled for the 12th of this month to elect the new president to succeed the resigned president, Ahmed Al-Shahoumi.
Al-Arabi Club announced via its AX account that it’s nominating Fouad Al-Balushi for the position. In its statement, the club emphasized Al-Balushi’s extensive administrative experience and his prior role as a member of the Kuwait Handball Association. It highlighted that Al-Balushi has been preparing for the presidency for years and has worked in the administrative field at the club for over 25 years.
Al-Arabi also expressed pride in Jassim Al-Dhiyab, praising his significant contributions to sports through his experience and distinguished administrative work over many years. The club condemned any attempts to undermine his knowledge of handball as unjustified and unacceptable.
Al-Arabi’s statement further clarified that Al-Balushi’s nomination aligns with the club’s policy of providing ambitious young individuals with opportunities to contribute to the club’s development goals.

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