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Breakthrough in 14 Unsolved Theft Cases Leads to Arrest in Farwaniya

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KUWAIT CITY, Jun 1: In its ongoing efforts to enhance criminal security, the General Department of Criminal Investigation, under the criminal security sector, has been actively deploying security measures, following up on unresolved cases, and apprehending violators and outlaws.

The Investigation Department in the Farwaniya Governorate successfully solved 14 previously unsolved theft cases. The breakthrough came from identifying a pattern in the thefts, all characterized by the same method: an unidentified individual, disguised in national attire, mask, and sunglasses, infiltrated employee offices and patient rooms in hospitals and health centers in Farwaniya and the Capital Governorates, stealing personal belongings.

A specialized task force was established to investigate these incidents. Through meticulous investigation and tracking of the suspect’s movements, the identity of the perpetrator, a local citizen, was revealed. With authorization from the Public Prosecution, the suspect was apprehended. It was discovered that he had a prior history of theft. Upon interrogation, he confessed to the series of thefts. The suspect and the recovered stolen items have been handed over to the competent authorities for further legal action.

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