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‘But No Eyes On Manipur?’ Takes Over Internet Amid ‘All Eyes On’ Trend

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The internet is flooded with the 'All eyes on Rafah' trend in which celebrities and eminent personalities are expressing their views on the Israeli attack on Rafah, a southern city in war-torn Gaza, last week. On similar lines, 'But no eyes on Manipur?' is gaining traction; it suggests that while people are talking about violence in other countries, they are silent when it comes to the northeastern state. Among those who have joined the trend is Rami Desai, a noted expert on Manipur.

What people are sharing under 'But no eyes on Manipur?' trend

People have been using the phrase across social media platforms, along with links to news articles and videos to highlight the Manipur situation. These posts highlight the devastation caused by natural disasters like flood, apart from the ethnic clashes in the state.

Take a look at some of the posts below:

But no eyes on Manipur. pic.twitter.com/l0IgFbvzso

— Engouchang (@Changnewme) May 30, 2024

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Violence in Manipur

The ethnic violence began in May 2023 between the valley-dominant Meitei community and the Kuki-Zo tribes, who are dominant in the hill districts of southern Manipur and a few other hill areas.

Over 220 have been killed and nearly 50,000 internally displaced. A year on, thousands are still living in relief camps in both the valley and hill areas.

What is the 'All Eyes on' trend?

The trend began after Rafah, where most of the refugees have sought shelter from Israeli attacks in the rest of Gaza, was pounded by Israel on May 27. The attack left several tents on fire, which then swept through the area, killing more people.

As visuals of charred bodies and those with severe injuries emerged on social media, an image with the text, “All Eyes on Rafah”, started trending. The campaign, spearheaded by activists and humanitarian groups, aims to draw attention to the southern city of the Gaza Strip, where people have been forced to live in cramped refugee camps with no humanitarian aid.

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