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Dalljiet Shares, Then Deletes Wedding Video After Nikhil Confirms Separation

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New day, new update about actress Dalljiet Kaur and her estranged husband, Kenya-based businessman Nikhil Patel. A few days ago, Dalljiet shared a few cryptic Instagram posts hinting at Nikhil having had an extramarital affair. Following this, Nikhil confirmed the “end of their relationship.” On Saturday, the actress shared and then deleted a video that featured the highlights from their wedding. This has left fans confused. In the video, Dalljiet discusses her first meeting with Nikhil in Dubai. Nikhil then discusses their cross-cultural relationship and describes their marriage as the union of “two worlds.” The video features glimpses of their entire wedding, from mehndi to haldi to the wedding ceremony. Dalljiet actress talks about Jaydon, her son from her previous marriage with Shaleen Bhanot. Nikhil also expresses his love for his two daughters from his first marriage. In her caption, Dalljiet Kaur wrote, “1 year three months back!”

Dalljiet Kaur got married to Nikhil Patel in March 2023 and went to Kenya. In February, Dalljiet returned to India. Then the couple unfollowed each other on Instagram and even deleted several posts, which led to separation rumours. A few days ago, Nikhil confirmed the separation in an interaction withETimes TV. He said, “In January this year, Dalljiet decided to leave Kenya with her son Jaydon and return to India, which ultimately led to our separation. We separated in January this year. We both realized that the foundation of our blended family wasn’t as strong as we had hoped, making it hard for Dalljiet to settle in Kenya.”

Speaking about how their marriage proved to be challenging due to “cultural clashes”, Nikhil Patel added, “Despite our efforts, Dalljiet found it challenging to adjust to life in Kenya, missing her career and life in India. The complexities of our family dynamics became increasingly apparent. This proved to be challenging for us due to cultural clashes, different values and beliefs, and this was something that began to develop as the relationship matured. My daughters have a mother who remains irreplaceable regardless of the status of the relationship between them."

Nikhil Patel also opened up about how Dalljiet Kaur's posts regarding his alleged extramarital affair have led to “unnecessary harassment” of his family.

Before Nikhil Patel confirmed their separation, Dalljiet Kaur posed a question in her Instagram Stories,”What’s your thought on extramarital affairs? Who is to be blamed?” with options such as “The girl,” “The husband,” and “The wife.”

The actress also posted a note with Nikhil Patel's picture. The note read, “You are out on social media with her now everyday shamelessly. Your wife and son came back in 10 months of the wedding. The entire family is humiliated. Some dignity for the kids would have been good…At least u should have left your wife little publically as I was quiet about a lot of others things too.”

In terms of work, Dalljiet Kaur was last seen in the daily soap Sasural Genda Phool 2.

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