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Four Kuwaitis Arrested for Smuggling One Million Narcotic Pills

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KUWAIT CITY, May 31: The Assistant Undersecretary for Criminal Security Affairs, Major General Hamid Al-Dawas, and the Director General of Narcotics Control, Brigadier General Muhammad Qabazard, conducted a security operation in the arrivals hall at Kuwait Airport to arrest a smuggler carrying psychotropic substances. Customs inspectors were found to be complicit in the smuggling attempt.

Customs officers had been tracking four Kuwaiti citizens who arrived in Kuwait with seven suitcases filled with approximately one million narcotic pills. These individuals had traveled to a Gulf country and returned the same day. Officers apprehended three Kuwaitis in the airport parking lots, seizing six bags of narcotic pills. The fourth passenger, who was delayed, was captured inside the airport along with two customs inspectors who admitted to collaborating with the smugglers for money.

There is a call for His Excellency the Minister of the Interior to implement regulatory measures to end the corruption and misconduct among certain customs inspectors, especially following the transfer of customs affiliation.

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