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Kuwait to witness rare phenomenon on Monday

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KUWAIT CITY, June 2: Al-Ujairi Scientific Center (ASC) has announced that Kuwait will witness a rare phenomenon known as ‘planetary alignment’ on Monday morning; when six planets — Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune — will align on the sky with the Moon as the seventh, reports Al- Nahar daily. In a press statement, the center disclosed that astronomy enthusiasts can watch the planetary alignment with the naked eye or by using a small telescope.

It explained that observers can see Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn with the naked eye — without the need for observation tools due to their unusual brightness, while other planets like Uranus and Neptune can be seen through a telescope; because they are located at a great distance and will appear dim. The center stated this phenomenon is called the ‘great alignment’ of six planets in the solar system, stressing it is one of the rare astronomical events.

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