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Raveena Tandon, Driver Accused Of Assaulting 3 Amid Clash Over Rash Driving

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A heated clash erupted outside Bollywood actor Raveena Tandon's residence in Mumbai's Bandra last night. The incident, which allegedly stemmed from a minor parking dispute, has since spiralled into a controversy involving accusations of physical assault and rash driving.

The disturbance began when Ms Tandon's driver attempted to reverse and park the actress's car inside the premises. As the driver manoeuvred the vehicle, another car approached the gate, leading to a standoff. The occupants of the second car, concerned about a potential collision, stepped out and confronted the driver.

According to the police, what started as a verbal exchange quickly escalated into a heated argument. Hearing the commotion, Ms Tandon herself emerged from her house, attempting to mediate and calm the situation. Despite her efforts, the confrontation continued for some time before the other party eventually departed.

This incident, captured in a video circulating on social media, shows Raveena and her driver being accused of physically assaulting women, including an elderly lady.

Upon receiving a call about the altercation, police arrived at the scene and conducted inquiries with Ms Tandon's staff. Using the vehicle number, they traced the opposing party, who were subsequently summoned to the police station. However, the individuals involved declined to file any formal complaints. No injuries were reported, and the vehicles did not collide.

A local resident named Mohammed identified the alleged victims as his mother, sister, and niece. In the video, one of the women can be heard threatening to involve the police, stating, "You will have to spend the night in jail. My nose is bleeding."

Ms Tandon, upon noticing she was being recorded, requested the individuals to stop filming.

The actor has not issued a public statement regarding the allegations. The police have yet to file any formal charges, pending further investigation into the matter.

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