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World Milk Day 2024: 5 Smart Ways To Use Beyond Drinking

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Milk has been a staple in almost every household across the globe. It is loaded with nutrients and benefits our overall health in multiple ways. Hence, to celebrate the importance of this versatile food ingredient, World Milk Day is marked every year on June 1. Established by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations, this day has been observed across the world since its inception in 2001. This year, on World Milk Day, we will bring your attention to some of its clever uses that go beyond drinking a glass of milk. Sounds interesting? So, without further ado, let's get going.

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5 Smart Ways To Use The Versatile Milk:

1. Cooling your mouth:

Have you ever taken a sip of a hot cup of tea just to end up burning your tongue? Or did you just eat something that's too spicy for our taste buds? Let's agree, we all have been there, and a glass of water doesn't help in this case. So, what's the next best option? We say – a glass of milk. The casein protein found in milk helps dissolve the burning sensation and soothe your tongue instantly.

2. Soothe skin:

Much like your tongue, milk also helps soothe any kind of irritation on your skin. Be it sunburn or wound, washing it with a mix of milk and honey helps prevent bacterial attack. Prepare mix with warm milk and honey and soak the wound.

3. Freshening frozen meat/fish:

Fresh fish and meat taste delicious. But unfortunately, we hardly get time to buy fresh food from the market every day. And hence, most of us buy it in bulk and store it in refrigerator for later use. But that's where a glass of milk comes to the rescue. Thaw the frozen food in a bowl of milk and let it set for a fresher taste and flavour.

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4. Sparkling sliver:

Are you worried about your worn-out silverware? We suggest, using some milk to polish them to get back the sparkle. You can also use soured milk to get the job done. The protein found in milk does all the heavy lifting when it comes to cleaning the silverware.

5. Alleviate bug bite:

Be it a bug bite or a bee bite, we suggest the first line of action should be soaking the affected area in milk, especially powdered milk. Prepare a paste with milk powder and water and dab it on the affected area. The milk enzymes instantly help neutralize the itch.

So, what are you waiting for? Be mindful and make the most of the versatile milk in your daily life.

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